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1995 NSX questions

6 June 2003
Angleton, Texas
I looked at the FAQ section on prime. But I had a 1991 NSX and it had the window regulator problems and the snapring range. Did Acura change the window thingy and the transmission? I can't wait to drive a targa :) And anything else I need to look at or be concerned about or will need to replace .
Also can you buy the rubber part of the targa roof?
be careful of the sanp ring... Ill have almost $5k in my new trans even with help from acura :frown:
Kenny York said:
so 1995 does have snapring problems?
No, only some 91 & 92's.
Kenny York said:
Did Acura change the window thingy and the transmission?
Yes and yes.

The window regulator was re-designed at some point during the 1993 model year. You can see photos of the original regulator and the re-design in the FAQ under Troubleshooting - Power Windows.

The snap ring problem was caused by a machine (that manufactures the transmission cases) that was going out of tolerance during the manufacturing process. This was fixed by the end of the 1992 model year.