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New Owner - 1999 NSX-T turbo

23 December 2023
Hi guys,

This is my first post here since I'm a new NSX owner. I've several sports/exotic cars through out the years but never owned an NSX before. Car is a 1999 Targa which has been fully upgraded and refreshed in the past 5-6 month. Is is a 6 speed manual with a Science of Speed turbo kit with a Link ECU. Engine has been rebuilt and refreshed and so has the transmission too. I haven't even driven the car, probably will pick it up this weekend which I'm very excited and waiting to do. I'll post some pics first and then probably next week I'll post an update after my first few rides on it. I don't know literally every part that has been added or changed for a new one. What I know is that they disassembled it all the way to an empty Benson block and from there they started refreshing and adding new parts. Also turbo is brand new and so is intercooler and other parts from the turbo kit. It used to run on AEM ecu and now they just changed it to Link.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I'm probably going to enjoy the car LOL. Talk to you guys soon!

PS I want to change BBS LM wheels for something like Rays/Volks or something similar so if someone might want to trade or buy BBS wheels please feel free to DM me.


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small clip from the shop first time they start it up like 1 month ago.


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welcome aboard...lots of searchable content on turbos
Welcome to NSX ownership. I also have a 1999 with the SOS TT kit. I’ve driven 23k miles since the kit was installed and no big unsolvable issues yet. Enjoy!