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1995 NSX-T Red/Black 5-Speed 86,000 JH4NA1185ST000038

24 July 2010
Morgantown, WV
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Morgantown, WV

Maintenance Information
WARRANTY to July 27, 2017 (12 Month Warranty - work was completed July 27, 2016)

New Engine, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Clutch and MORE

March 31, 2016, I brought my NSX to Ben "The NSX Whisperer" Schaeffer because of a "misfire" and clutch slipping. He went over the car, with me, and I told him I wanted this car to go 300,000 miles (total, in addition to the existing 80k miles). You can see in the pics, the EXTENSIVE list of all work done. I did Not include the price of all repairs, but the buyer will get all that info.

Negative battery cable
Clutch assembly, clutch release bearing, slave cylinder, rear main seal, trans seals, trans fluid, bleed system with DOT 4 HD
front lower CTAB replaced with TI DAVE CEDAR FAB Kit
Ben's SPEC 4 wheel alignment
left window regulator assembly and power window switch
VTEC gaskets
oil pressure bell and all related O-rings
oil pan gasket
All Coolant hoses < Coolant tank, TW sensor and thermostat and gasket
Tming belt, water pump, CAM Seals < Note CAMS must be removed > CAM angle sensor < Melted Epoxy > front crank seal, oil stand gasket < Leaking
Valve adjustment
All new gaskets and seals
spark plugs
CAM angle sensor
brake master cylinder and booster
full system bleed
R&R fuel injectors to RC (Torrance, CA see pic for more details) for clean and calibrate
fuel filter
fender liner clips
trunk liner clips
window washer reservoir cap
clean K&N air filter
TBA on front center mount
Install braided brake lines
Hawk HPS pads front and rear

Bridgestone Potenza RE010 new tires front and rear

Optima red top battery
front lip
primary Upper O2 sensors
SOS O2 sensor extension harness kit

NSX Engine Build
complete tear down, original head gaskets failed, Burtonsville Performance machine owner said the lower end was also in bad shape
Deck, block and prep for MLS head gaskets, check all bores, hone to spec, install Time Serts for ARP head studs, check all connecting rod big ends, Mirror, polish, chamfer crank, Balance Rotating Assembly, Mian Boers checked, all bearing clearances set
Block was properly cleaned to New
R&R Both heads, Resurface to MLS Spec for MLS gaskets, New Ex Guides on 1 head, Competition valve job, Best Avail Stem seals, They are better than new now
Oil pump
MLS head gaskets SOS Cosmetic
ARP Studs
OEM Rod Bearings
OEM Main bearings
OEM Thrust washer set
Hondabond selaer
OEM Intake gaskets Pair
Ben's Tear down and Reassembly, Remove and Install
All Oil and related O-rings for main cap bridge, basically EVERY O-ring and seals are NEW
Rocker shaft seals
OEM Piston rings
SOS Lost Motion Assemblies

In Addition - I had Pride Headers, Test Pipes and RM Racing Exhaust with Rare DTM Quad tips installed

WARRANTY (on the engine work, etc until July 27, 2017)

If you are looking for a high mileage NSX for Low $ this is Not the car for you. This is a well cared for (at least under my ownership) NSX with an essentially New Engine that will go 300k miles ! So while other sellers tell you "Timing Belt and water pump have been done" sometimes "Valve adjustment has been done". This car has pretty much had Everything done (see Extensive Maintenance section) !

This is my 2nd, and probably Not my last NSX. Next will most likely also be a Targa. After owning both an NSX-T and a Fixed roof NSX, for my driving purposes (Non track use), the NSX-T is Perfect. I owned a fine example of a 1991 NSX from 2012 to 2014. You can see the car here


I was warned (here on Prime) of the seller's remorse and 1 year later (Summer / Fall 2015), I bought this car you're reading about now. Here is the FS Ad here on NSX Prime


Well busy life with family and 2 young kids has reminded me that an NSX just isn't in the plans for us at this time. So I want to offer this for sale to an Enthusiast to enjoy.

More about the Car -

Clean Carfax. No known / documented accidents.

The rear bumper cover was chipping when I bought it. The previous owner mentioned this to me. It didn't bother him so he never repaired it. the front bumper had typical rock chips. the front left quarter was buffed to bare metal near where the hood (the hood was fine) meets the front windshield. The rear spoiler was chipped on the ends (where it meets the body of the car. Targa roof, slim trim piece on the left was buffed to clearcoat

Spring 2017, All of these were repaired and repainted by T-Body (Clarksburg, WV), the most highly recommended place in the area

Paint Correction was done (except to newly sprayed panels) 1 week ago. and as you can see in the pictures, the car has a showroom New shine.

Interior - to make this car "perfect", I would replace the A pillar interior covers. The started to "bubble" this year. The interior mirror plastic surround has a small crack (the mirror is Not cracked). The visors dip a little toward the middle (but are Not cracked).

Stereo - previous owner setup a Bluetooth through the factory head unit. I use it to listen to Podcasts on my iPhone, and actually picked up some cassette tapes. According to the previous owner, the CD changer no longer works. I never tried using it, but I will include it

ZANARDI - shifter, floor mats and trunk mat are Included

Exterior - a friend of mine at an Exotic car dealership used his Fancy paint meter on the car before I had the recent paintwork done. The car has had some previous paintwork, but again it is Carfax Clean. I would be happy to FaceTime a walk around with Serious interested parties.

Tires - 9/32 front and back. The rear Bridgestones I bought last year are toast, i threw on my Continentals and have been using them. I would be happy to either buy and mount new Bridgestones (for the rear) or Continentals (for the front) Buyer's choice !

I would be happy to bring the car to Pittsburgh Area Acura shop for Pre Purchase Inspection, PPI (at buyer's expense of course). Either Spitzer or Smail would be most convenient for me. I am off on Wednesdays

Extras - I have the factory headers and other parts (I will have to check my storage unit) that I can include in the sale. I also have the 91-93 Fat Fives (If you're interested in track use, I hear they are good wheels)

Possible TRADES (need Not be low mile garage queens - I will probably park it outside, but with up to date maintenance)

97/98 E36 M3/4/5 plus $$$$
2006 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B plus $$$$
Porsche 951 (944 Turbo) or 944S2 plus $$$$
1982-1985 Fox Body Mustang plus $$$$$

I try to be as thorough with my description as possible as to not waste your valuable time or mine

Pricing is $ SOLD Or Best REASONABLE Offer. NSX pricing has been all over the place these past few years. I don't think I'm too far off with my pricing, special consideration will be given to active contributors on Prime. I appreciate any constructive feedback


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