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1996 NSX-T Black/Tan JH4NA118XTT000425

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30 June 2004
St. Louis
This car is one of the nicest, cleanest NSXs you will find. It is a very stunning Black on Tan interior that was kept in factory condition. I have decided to sell because it is too much of a car for me. Every time I take this car out I am so paranoid that someone will hit me, or that I will hit a pothole, or that it will start raining that I don't enjoy owning it anymore. It also has low enough miles (31K) that I feel guilty about taking it on road trips. I consider this car a work of art that deserves to be taken care of in the utmost, but I would rather own a car that can be enjoyed without the worry, even if it isn't as nice as this one. If you are in a situation where you want a NICE car, then I don't think you will be disappointed in mine. It is not museum quality since it has been driven 31K miles, but it is very close, and I don't think you will find anything nicer that is actually for sale.

1996 NSX-T
Vin: JH4NA118XTT000425
5-speed Manual
Berlina Black exterior
Tan Leather Interior
Stock Rims in factory silver paint
Factory Car Phone, Keyless Entry, and 6-Disc CD changer
Absolutely no Modifications
31,500 miles
30K Service done at 30,100 May '05
Timing Belt and water Pump replaced Jul '04
New Yokohama tires Jul '04
Never Tracked or Raced
Included NSX Cover
Located in St Louis
Asking price $41,500 obo

I have additional photos of the car that I had professionally taken. They are high resolution, and I can send them out to anyone who wants. I also have a Car Fax that came back clean a year ago. Again, contact me for the details about this. I am often up in Chicago, and plan a trip on August 21, so I can drop this off at no cost to anyone in Chicago, possibly Indy too. If you live elsewhere, talk to me and we can figure something out as to getting the car to you...when I purchased the car, it was in CT, and the road trip back was a real ball. I would recommend flying to pick it up, but I would consider it fun to drive it to you for the cost of gas and a plane ticket back. If anyone within 300 miles is looking for a black NSX-T in pristine condition, you WILL NOT be disappointed. I want to be very upfront, and first thing will show you every defect that I know of with the car--that should take about 30 seconds--after that I just know the car will speak for itself.

---Contact Info---
Tom Judkins
[email protected]
(work email will be returned first thing on Monday)
(314)521-7868 (home)
(314)233-9686 (work)
I will also be checking my PM regularly

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I just wanted to add that I will have the car on show at Strassenfest this Saturday, August 6 from 9am until at least 2pm. If anyone wants to stop by and take a look, this will be a great time. There will be about half a dozen NSX owners there with their cars, so it will be an excellent opportunity to see a bunch of NSX's in one place even if you aren't looking to buy one.


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Price Drop to $41,500
Car is Sold.
Thank you
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