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1997 NSX-T Red/Tan 6-Speed 79k Miles JH4NA2163VT000029

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10 November 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:
79000 Mi

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Maintenance Information
Current maintenance completed

This 1997 Acura NSX-T was purchased by the seller from BaT in November 2018 and now shows just under 79k miles. Approximately 6 years ago, a previous owner commissioned a repaint, refurbished the interior, and added suspension, drivetrain, intake, and exhaust components from Science of Speed as described below. Additionally, a Kenne Bell supercharger was fitted to the 3.2-liter VTEC V6 and the 6-speed transmission received a Science of Speed sport clutch. A 60k-mile service has also been completed, including a new timing belt. This NSX is now being offered with around six years of service records covering major alterations, the original wheels and various removed OEM parts, a Carfax report, and a clean Ohio title in the seller’s name.
According to the Carfax, this car was sold new in Wisconsin. It was damaged after being overturned in January 2001, including body damage and air bag deployment. An accompanying accident report is shown on the Carfax a few months prior to the car moving to California. A frame measurement report shows the structure is within factory spec. The seller states that this car was given a repaint approximately six years ago, and the front bumper skirt, lower lip, and driver’s lower panel were replaced at that time. A Guppy antenna has also been fitted, and paint was color corrected and ceramic coated in 2018. Additional exterior pictures are provided in the gallery below.
The modified suspension system utilizes Bilstein struts, Science of Speed adjustable anti-sway bars with Cedar Ridge non-compliance end links, Cedar Ridge front suspension compliance clamps, Science of Speed non-compliance rear beam bushings, Cedar Ridge toe links, Cedar Ridge pivot clamps, and JDM Honda NSX-R front and lower chassis reinforcement bars. Other alterations include a Science of Speed urethane steering rack bushing kit and rebuilt/repainted brake calipers. Brake rotors and Hawk HPS pads were installed in May 2019. Michelin Pilot Sport 4P tires (Nov 2017 date code) are installed over 17”/18” OZ Ultraleggera alloy wheels.
Inside, previous owners refreshed the cabin with carbon fiber trim, a new carbon fiber and leather steering wheel rim. The factory radio has been replaced with a double DIN JVC KW-M740BT head unit that supports Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and a backup camera. The previous owner added a 300 watt Hertz amplifier, sub-woofer and a Homelink garage door opening system.
The mid-mounted 3.2-liter VTEC V6 is equipped with a Kenne Bell/ Science Of Speed supercharger, a Laminova air/water aftercooler, a Science Of Speed high-flow catalytic converter set, and a Science of Speed Endura Lite exhaust system. A custom fabricated shock tower brace is fitted over the engine. Due to the supercharger and strut brace, the stock engine cover no longer fits over the engine and is removed. The OEM radiator overflow tank, radiator support brackets and fuse box cover was hydrodipped in carbon fiber look. The 60k-mile service has reportedly been completed, including a new timing belt, water pump, valve cover gasket, A/C belt, air cleaner and fuel filter, tie rod adjusting bolt, brake lines and master cylinder, plus a comprehensive fluid service.
The 6-speed manual transmission was fitted with a new Science of Speed Sport 350 clutch in June 2019, which compliments a lightened flywheel and deleted clutch damper. A short shift kit is also installed along with a shorter lever, Zanardi-style boot, and Turner knob as shown above.
This car produced 390.6 wheel horsepower in August 2015 as shown. (note that the 1997 date was a default in the system and is incorrect).
Records & Extras
Included is a binder of maintenance and modification records covering the past 6 years, including a three-page modification description compiled by the previous owner.
Also included in the sale are a number of removed OEM parts, including 4 original 7 spoke wheels, engine cover, intake and exhaust manifolds, spare tire and more.
The entire Carfax report is available on request. It states that the car moved to California shortly after the aforementioned accident, and stayed there until moving to Illinois in 2013. It later spent time in Colorado and Ohio. Consistent odometer readings are recorded, along with a number of dealer service history records.


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