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1998 NSX Red/Blk Zanardi Prototype w/Procar'02 NSX-R

1 September 2001
1998 NSX Red/Blk Zanardi Prototype w/Procar'02 NSX-R


YEAR & MODEL: 1998 NSX Factory Coupe Zanardi Edition Prototype
VIN #: JH4NA2131WT00070
MILEAGE: 16,816
COLOR (EXT/INT): New Formula Red/Black with Zanardi appointments
LOCATION: Northern Westchester County, New York
PRICE: $60,000 OBO, $5,000 holding deposit
CURRENT CONDITION OF WEARABLES INCL. TIRES, BRAKES, BELTS, HOSES, SUSPENSION COMPONENTS AND FLUIDS? Needs 15K maintenance, Timing Belt replacement, Aspirator Assembly replacement, coat of wax. Left door speaker has static.
MODS if any (Are stock parts included in the sale?) Yes, see the list below
0-60 mph: 4.7 sec. (magazine)
1/4 mile: 13.1 @ 109.1 mph (magazine)

OEM Engine block heater
OEM aux. cooling fan (early models)
Acura TL 'A C U R A' badge
Gruppe M carbon-fiber/kevlar engine cover w/mesh
Custom engine cover stay
Backyard Special carbon-fiber/kevlar engine manifold cover
Dali Polished satin-finish altenator
Dali Polished throttle body cover
Dali Racing engine manifold plate w/RSX "ACURA" badge
Dali Racing black powder coated aluminum coolant tank
Dali Racing aluminum coil covers w/custom anodizing
Dali Racing aluminum injector covers w/custom anodizing
Dali Racing aluminum wire harness covers w/custom anodizing
Dali Racing aluminum altenator belt cover w/custom anodizing
Dali Racing aluminum fuse box cover w/custom anodizing and w/Acura TL 'TypeS' badge
Comptech carbon-fiber airbox cover w/'02 Acura logo emblem
Cantrell Concepts aluminum/carbon fiber dip stick
Cantell Concepts carbon fiber air induction system
SoS billet radiator brackets
SoS front billet aluminum cover kit
Speed billet aluminum oil filler cap

JDM NSX TypeR front strut support kit
Okuyama rear strut tower support
Cantrell Concepts FRP race filler w/extra carbon fiber surround and billet cap
Cantrell Concepts vented front lip spoiler
OEM NSX TypeS Lightweight BBS titanium alloy wheels
OEM NSX New wheel center cap w/white 'ACURA' logo (rare)
OEM New Formula Red paint body colored roof panel with matching A and B pillar moldings
JDM NSX Type-S look NSX door handle logo badges
'02 Acura front and rear badges
'02 NSX Aluminum mesh side intake covers
'02 NSX side skirts
'02 NSX rear valance
'02 NSX rear tail light lenses (3)
'02 NSX fixed headlights
'02 NSX front bumper upper & lower
JDM NSX-R rear diffuser
JDM NSX 'Type-S' badge
OEM NSX bare-aluminum hood brackets
Procar Specials NSX-R carbon fiber hood
Procar Specials NSX-R hood screen
Procar Specials NSX-R carbon fiber air-duct
Procar Specials NSX-R carbon fiber underbody-tray
Procar Specials NSX-R carbon fiber rear wing
Procar Specials carbon fiber rear window garnish
Procar Specials carbon fiber trunk
Procar Specials carbon fiber sub-spoiler/airfoil
Procar Specials carbon fiber mirrors
Dali Racing carbon fiber air deflector ducts
Dali Racing radiator stone shield
SoS Non-Complience Brackets
SoS stealth license frame
SoS front billet aluminum cover kit
Downforce carbon-fiber rear plate garnish
Downforce door sashes
Honda 'S' side badges from S2000

OEM Keyless entry x2
OEM CD changer
NSX Red trimmed floor and trunk mats
NSX Perforated faux suede seat surfaces with red stitching
NSX Perforated faux suede door surfaces
NSX Red-stitched perferated steering wheel
NSX Red-stitched perferated hand brake
NSX Titanium look center console
NSX Titanium look clock surround
NSX Titanium look instrument meter panel
NSX Titanium look door panels
JDM NSX TypeS Titanium shift knob
JDM NSX-R carbon-fiber/mesh shift boot
JDM NSX switch panel
JDM NSX map pocket
Dali Racing grande latte cradle [titanium] w/third hand radio holder
Dali Racing big drink cradle [titanium]
Dali Racing fire extinquisher mount
Dali Racing windshield heat reflector
Dali Racing carbon-fiber door piece fronts
Y carbon-fiber instrument cluster surround
SoS satin finish aluminum gauge bezels
SoS satin finish aluminum trim set
SoS satin finish aluminum door lock knobs
SoS Billet aluminum door handles with clear anodized
RITMO Carbon side garnish w/Acura RSX 'ACURA' badges
RITMO harness bar
Back Yard Special carbon fiber door sill plates
Carbon Fiber glovebox door
Carbon Fiber driver's side appointments
Mugen aluminum race pedals
Hrant harness belt cushions
Hrant tire cover for spare
Zublin Engineering SmarTenna
Zublin Engineering SmartShift w/audio option
Auto-Vation aluminium dead pedal
Auto-Vation aluminum heal plate
Mugen badge
Hrant NSX parts tool mat
Side and middle windows tinted 35%

Parts not yet installed:
OEM NSX-R engine cover stay
SoS braided stainless steel brake lines
SoS Billet camshaft plugs-black
Cantrell Concepts fuel pressure gauge kit
Uni Air Filter
SoS short shift kit
2 new sets of Zanardi Edition carpet floor mats
1 new Zanardi Edition trunk floor carpet
1 new gas filler cap with carbon fiber surround (extra if lost)

Leftover Parts:
Trunk lid with OEM lip spoiler painted and installed
Trunk Air Intake
Mirror Housings
Rear wing with brakelight
Rear tail lights (3)
Engine cover
All OEM upgraded interior and engine trim pieces

After my first NSX was stolen, I needed something special to replace it. Paragon Acura had the largest selection of NSXs in the country, over a dozen at the time, so that is where I went shopping. Up against the wall was what appeared to be a Zanardi Edition with a black top. I had had a dealer in Florida offer me a Zanardi for $125,000, if he could get one, about a year before. I was interested in something unique, and this car fit the bill. The owner of the dealership came out of a sales meeting to tell me about the car.

The dealer owner told me that he had picked up the car at a dealership auction, that it was a prototype, and the engineers refered to the car as OO7. The car had 700 miles on the odometer, from driving it home from the auction. He claimed it was the best NSX he had ever driven, and was going to keep the car, but his wife wanted the new S2000. I purchased the car "new" for $75,000. I drove it straight to Rallye Acura and had them paint the roof red. I'm not sure if the car has the Zanardi suspension, my guess is it does not.

I began to slowly modify the car after falling in love with the NSX-R prototype. I replaced all the cheap plastic parts possible with higher quality billet and carbon fiber. Dali Racing sent some of the billet engine surrounding parts and had them anodized to match the interior golden titanium trim parts. Because the parts were polished, they came out more of a charcoal color to match the wheels. I had the backup engine fan from the earlier models installed on a thermostat to help pretect against any possible engine damage if needed. I am not a fan of changing the performance of my vehicles if it hinders drivability, the only modification is the intake tract, which gives the car a snarl that will send shivers down spines.

Not happy with the quality of the made in the USA aftermarket body parts, I decided that the Procar offerings were the best option for the NSX-R conversion. The side mirrors are prevented from pivoting as far up as they could in the stock plastic housings. The layup of the carbon fiber on the Procar hood is not the best, I have an early production/prototype hood. It has a tiny chip on the leading edge. The wheel rims have some minor curb rash from before I got the car. The paint has a stone chip. Overall, it looks showroom new.

The car has pretty much been in storage for the past ten years, except for the occassional ride to keep things in shape. It was an obession for a number of years, but life pulled me in different directions. Car needs an ethusiastic owner looking for the turnkey top tier NSX experience.

The car is located about a half hours drive from famed NSX mechanic Larry B.. I was going to have him service the car, but never did since it was not being used enough. I don't want just anyone working on my car. If you wish him to do a pre-pruchase inspection, I can arrange for the car to be transported to his shop. The car is just as it was assembled from Japan, and I cringed at the thought of disassembly for a color change. Properly broken-in wuthout any bouts of hooliganism, no track days, no races, no hard launches. No accidents, but I had a minor impression/dent pulled from the left quarterpanel, looked as if someone kicked the car to make sure it is made from aluminum.

I deferred the timing belt maintainence in 2007 because the car was not driven. I have decided to sell the car rather than put any more money into it. It appears that I will be moving into Manattan at some point, and I am not going to be renting an additional secured storage space for the car. Since I hadn't planned on selling so soon in life, the car has been pampered. Aspirator fan made some noise last year, died and needs repacement. Might be wise to replace some hoses at this juncture. I removed the 5mm spacers that I used with the stock rims as they were already difficult to remove, and not even that corroded. Oil changes, and other minor maintence has been regularly done. Pretty much as close to a new a TypeS/NSX-R as you are likely to find. The car has never been shown or featured anywhere, other than a handful of photos on nsxprime. Literally, no expense was spared, and only the best parts were selected for tasteful enhancement. Motivated seller. More pictures available via email. PM for contact information. Car is located in upper Westchester, New York.

Thanks for your consideration.