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cruise control kit for aftermarket steering wheels (Design by Procar Specials)

3 May 2002
for sale
Procar Specials aftermarket steering wheel cruise control kit (CC Kit)

modular build
can be used with different aftermarket hubs, but not with the Momo NSX-R JDM hub!

basic kit content:
cf control board (gen2)
2x push buttons
rubber cover parts
all wirings
installation guide

If requested we also offer a short hub with quick release or a long hub too, also preinstalled......as said.....modular.

price depends from the parts which are requested,
the basic kit is 600 Euro (w/o steering wheel hubs)
+ shipment

CC adapter high end.jpg6x CC adapter.jpgProcar CC kit wiring + installation guide 3.jpgProcar CC kit wiring + installation guide 1.jpgProcar Specials CC wiring kits 1.jpgProcar NSX-R Lenkrad mit CC cf adapter 2.jpg2015.10 Procar NSX-RR 7.jpg