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2 Sets OEM 15/16 Wheels(One Chrome)(One Silver) Set of Center Caps

18 September 2003
Del Mar, CA
First set is chrome finish, I painted the inside black (originally gold). I think it looks nice, wheels are in good but not perfect condition, a few small scratches which cannot be seen except up close. The black paint on the inside is not perfect on all edges, I did it myself. I put a lot of miles on the wheels so I know the paint is not going to flake off etc. Also the chrome is starting to flake on the inside holes of some the center caps, not visible from the outside but still something I wanted to mention. I think these wheels are a great stock look. Asking $225 plus shipping. Price drop to $175, I want them gone.

<s>Second set is basic OEM 15/16 in fair condition, a few scratches etc. Asking $100 plus shipping.</s> SOLD

Also have a set of center caps asking $20-SOLD!!

I can e-mail high def photos of each wheel so you know what you are getting. Wheels are in Vegas Zip 89012


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