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2002 Acura NSX Antenna Not Working?

4 February 2024
Hello. I need help with my rear Antenna on my 2002 Acura NSX. I bought this car on BAT and absolutely Love it. But when I received the car the Antenna wasn't working when the radio is on. Can anyone direct me on how to fix it or replace it, in the event it needs full replacement. Or maybe there is a trick to it that I'm not doing? Any help on how I can get this working would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance, Brent.
Lots of folks unplug it if they're using Bluetooth or the CD player as it's comically tall, & you can still get a bit of reception with only the rear windshield antenna for occasional use. Check the antenna power connector first.

Is the motor making any noise or moving the antenna at all? If not, check for power at the plug with the radio on before you change the antenna. If powered, you need a new antenna (or a GROM, if I was you.) If not powered, it's a fuse or you'll need to find the switch (pink wire perhaps?) that a previous owner installed. Can you ask the vendor? My switch is on the child trunk release in the trunk.
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it's a common failure. order the mast from acuraoemparts.com
it's around $100 and installation takes about 30 minutes.
the plastic tail on the end of the mast always breaks and will only go partially up or down, depending on where it failed.
the body of the antenna is reused, just the mast will be new.
i've done it 3 times on my '94