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OE Power antenna issue

5 November 2021
I currently have a 91’ and just replaced the whole antenna assembly with a brand new OE motor/mast. Last year it wouldn’t retract while driving in the car and turning off the radio. The other strange issue is with the car completely turned off and when you turn on the headlights the antenna goes up!
Now the latest issue is after the car sat with a battery tender connected to it for 5 months the antenna won’t go down at all even with the car shut off! Strange!
The car is currently at my Acura dealer and the technician has told me there’s only 10v going to the antenna from the radio should be 12v.
Has anyone else experienced this issue before?
Curious to know.
I suspect rodents had dined on your wiring harness. The Dealer likely won't be able to repair the harness as they can only replace.

The ETM should be in the library, if not PM me and we'll figure how to get it to you.
Thank you Drew for your reply and info!
I believe we have access ETM. I’ll suggest a possible refund rodent issue to the Tech.