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2002 nsx jh4na21672t000224

13 July 2008
I am selling a recently purchased 2002 NSX from ebay (250252791794) that turned out to be a salvage car that is not repairable nor driveable. I had an authorized Acura repair shop inspect the car and states that the fram damage prevents safe repair of this car. The seller did do significant exterior repairs on the hood, front panels, doors, wheels but damage tot he frame and area under the hood is substantial. This car IS NOT DRIVEABLE. The seller I purchased this from stated it was fully rebuilt with Acura parts at an authorized shop and inspected. This did not happen. This car will be sold for someone who needs the majority of a 2002 who is looking for a combination project. The car is good from the windshield back. Please contact me for details. I am asking $38,000. Thanks steve