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2002+ OEM Wheels + Tires

19 January 2017
Located in Denver, Colorado.

Selling my '02+ OEM wheel set with tires. Tires are Pirelli PZero Nero GT's, 215/40R17 on the front with March 2016 date code, 255/40R17 on the rear with June 2017 date code. Tires have less than 1000 miles on them, I've owned the wheels for a little over a year and drive my car very rarely. I'm $4300 into these wheels -- between original purchase price ($3000), having them refinished ($600, they are in perfect condition now) and adding the tires ($700).

Asking price is $3200 OBO, buyer pays actual shipping. I have priced shipping for a few folks already on the east coast and it looks like we're in the $350-400 range, plus about $50 to buy boxes big enough to ship them. I would greatly prefer to sell them near Colorado, and will happily meet you in the middle if you're close enough.


Good value here for perfect condition OEM wheels with good rubber. If I didn’t already have a set I’d be snatching these up! GLWS :smile: