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***SOLD*** 2004 NSX Wheels and Tires $3000 plus shipping. SOLD TO A NSX DUDE

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29 March 2013
Houston, Texas
I am selling four wheels and tires off of my 2004 NSX. They are the OEM wheels but they have been refinished a couple of years ago. The finish is good but a little flat as the OEM finish has a clear coat. The tires look new but I have no idea how many miles are on them because they were on the car when I bought it.

I am a showcar guy so I like perfection. There is nothing wrong with the wheels other than they are not as shiny as they should be. I found an NOS set of wheels (negotiated for a year and made no headway on the price) so I am putting those on the car and just don’t need two sets. If you don’t want the tires I can have them dismounted and can pack the wheels in the original Acura boxes.

The center caps and the lugnuts are not included even though they are shown in the picture. The wheels will be off the car this Thursday (March 8, 2024) and if you don’t want the tires I can have my installer remove them. IMG_8206.jpegBy the way if I am not responsive next week it is because I am on vacation for Spring Break through the 15th.

I took these pictures today (March 3, 2024).



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