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2004 NSX-T Silver/Custom 6-Speed 29,300 JH4NA21694T000096

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10 October 2004
Wichita, KS
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:
175,000 SOLD!!!!!!

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Wichita, KS
PM, email

Maintenance Information
All maintenance is up to date. Documentation is available.

With all the activity on BaT regarding newer / low mileage NSX's selling at record values, I am floating this offer to Prime members to see if anyone bites. I have had a few excellent offers for the car earlier this year (before the more recent auction prices that have been making records) but the enjoyment of ownership simply outweighed the offers submitted. This is (in my opinion) the pinnacle specimen of an NSX. If it sells, I'm not sure how I would ever own another one to match it. A pure joy to own and drive.


Perfect condition 2004 NSX-T in Silverstone metallic over silver interior.

There are virtually no changes between the 2004 and 2005 models. This is the latest and most updated version of the car. Condition is immaculate, paint is 100% original, there are no accidents and the car is 100% OEM with lots of Comptech goodies that we all want.

This car was sold new in December 2003 by Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. The first owner traded it back into the same dealership after just a few months and the second owner bought it in mid-2004 and owned it until 2010, when the third owner (a well respected Prime member) purchased the car. Comptech supercharger, headers, cat back exhaust and front and rear anti sway bars, carbon fiber air filter box, targa brace and targa top compartment were installed by Pikes Peak Acura, using their best Tech to perform the job. The car remained dealer maintained and the warranty was never cancelled. This is one of the very few cars where the dealership installed the Comptech Supercharger, the 6.5 psi version was the only version that Acura ever approved and warranty was never cancelled. 90-hp was gained which due to the light weight and handling characteristics, made this NSX competitive with cars such as the Ferrari F430 and others like.

The paint is 100% original and flawless. In 2004 a 3M front end clear bra was installed which was removed in 2016 and replaced with the Expel self-healing film by a certified shop. Approx. 4,000 miles ago, ceramic coating was applied. The car was professionally detailed a little over a year ago.

Maintenance is up to date. Oil changes with synthetic oil and OEM filter in spring and fall each year (last oil change was performed about 3 months ago). Major service including timing belt, water pump and other smaller parts that get replaced at the same time was performed approx. 3 years ago by the best possible technician in the Midwest. Supercharger oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid and manual transmission fluid were changed in summer 2015.

Although the car now has 29,300 mile, what amazes me most about the pristine condition of the car is partially due to the previous owner removing the normal wear items (steering wheel, floor mats, seats, OEM shocks/springs, OEM wheels w/the rare Potenza tires), and put in storage for many years. All of these parts were reinstalled before I inspected and purchased the car. The OEM wheels look minty fresh and the tires show little wear (would be great for a collector to own and keep the NSX very OEM).

Interior is nearly perfect. Driver's seat shows a little sign of stretch (wave) in the seat pad which is shown in pic. I am very particular about seat wear on NSXs and the seats in this NSX is about as good as I've ever seen. Buyer will not have any issues with appearance. The silver interior (I'd say it is more like a "dark platinum") blends perfectly with the updated silver color of the plastic center console and door switch bezels that come with the 2004 and 2005 models. The A/C blows very cold in the summer months. OEM radio works flawlessly. The antenna works, but is disabled so as to not rise. Radio reception is fine for my local stations.

As for anyone that might wonder about how this car has been driven (with a CTSC), the original clutch pulls like new. I can't imagine any of the previous owners having abused this car, considering the "like new" condition of the clutch and the available extra horsepower the SC provides.

Car comes with all keys, manuals and the 02+ OEM car cover w/bag.

Clear Kansas title in hand, car is ready for immediate purchase. In case you have trouble with private message, you can email at [email protected] for more details and pictures.



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Lovely presentation good luck with the sale.
haha.... legal plagiarism....poetic license....
Wow Paul's nsx, good times and memories. Didn't expect it to be back up for sale so soon again but, market is at it's strongest point ever.
Wow Paul's nsx, good times and memories. Didn't expect it to be back up for sale so soon again but, market is at it's strongest point ever.

Paul is an amazing guy. He hand delivered the car. My wife prepared a wonderful dinner and Paul stayed over for the night to visit. We keep in touch and he's doing well in Chicago. Still has the 2005 NSX to tool around in, but you probably already know this. :)
Have you thought of putting it up on Bring a Trailer? Seems like the NSX market is quite hot right now with a LBBP just selling for $161...close to your asking
Have you thought of putting it up on Bring a Trailer? Seems like the NSX market is quite hot right now with a LBBP just selling for $161...close to your asking

Hi Jet! I've considered BaT but thought I'd keep it on Prime for a while longer to see if any lurkers would prefer to avoid the $5K buyer's fee. I've always had good transactions with Prime members in past years. Maybe in the Spring if this market remains strong, I may go the BaT route. I think they only list a car one time and if it doesn't meet the reserve, it's over and out. I'd need to have a high reserve since I don't want to white knuckle it in the last hour of auction.... I really like the car, and would hate to see it go for less than asking price. I'd rather just keep her. She's perfect! :)
Monthly bump!

Monday temperature in Wichita made it to 65-degrees so I took the NSX for a spin. She started right up and drove like a champ. I keep the battery on "tender" so that always helps. Now we have temps in the teens and 6" of snow. Lucky to get one day to drive the car each month during the cold season.
Monthly bump. Had a nice afternoon of weather and took the NSX for a spin with the wife. Picture included of current odometer for status update. Was a pleasure listening to the sweet tones of the CT header/exhaust with supercharged engine while top-off driving. Lovely sounds around 4,000 RPM makes it difficult to want to shift to lower RPM gears. :)


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This car is sold and awaiting shipment to the new owner. Thank you Prime for continuing to exist and providing a platform for NSX enthusiasts to visit each day of the week. :)
don't forget to enter your sale price in the used price guide....
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