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2004 NSX-T Yellow/Black 6-Speed 25,500 JH4NA216X4T000009

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10 October 2004
Wichita, KS
2004 NSX-T Yellow/Black 6-Speed 25,800 JH4NA216X4T000009

Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:
$65,000 USD

Car History
Title History:
Current title is branded.

Seller Information
Wichita, KS

Maintenance Information
TB/WP due for service based on years, not mileage.

Extremely clean 2004 NSX in Rio Pearl / Black Interior. 6-speed manual with 25,800 miles on the clock.

I purchased this car last year. It had been 4 years since my last NSX (a 1997 6-spd. manual) and I just needed the thrill that only an NSX (manual) can offer.

The price reflects the history of the car, which was in an accident in March 2004. Damage required rear/right side repair. Although the frame was not damaged, the car was salvaged. I suspect the person leasing the NSX didn't want to remain in the lease after the car was damaged in the first 2 months of ownership.

The car is all OEM and in excellent condition. The 2nd owner that purchased the car in 2004 was a Honda mechanic and he took good care of the car up through 2018.

Original wheels have zero nicks or rash. I was told the front bumper had been repainted (by previous owner) plus a brand new front spoiler was installed. When I purchased the car, I had the rear valence removed to repaint the black area and inspect for any hidden damage. I have pictures taken of the rear end when the bumper was removed and I couldn't tell if it had ever been in an accident (no hidden damage). Paint all around the car looks well matched.

Car comes with 2 OEM keys and OEM keyless remotes! I also have a minty 02+ NSX OEM cover and bag (the one with blue stitching) that will go with the car for this asking price.

Black interior is all original and in excellent condition. Driver's side bolster is always a red flag item for me and all seat bolsters on this car look great. Targa seals and door seals look as good as new.

PPI was performed by Glendale Acura (in 2018) and passed with flying colors. Brakes (+85%), Clutch pulls strong, battery is strong, etc. All marks were in the green.

On 10-1-2019 I had a local shop check the frame for spec alignment. Report shows that the frame is almost perfectly square (within 1mm) from front to back diagonal measurements. Local shop confirmed no repair to frame was ever performed and no frame damage was evident. The car drives well, I just have the report for peace of mind.

I purchased this car as a driver, knowing it won't demand the top dollar of a similar NSX with a clean history. No issues here. She drives true just like my last NA2 NSX. This is a link to the ad the previous owner placed, which provides some history on the car: http://dadsclassiccars.com/used-2004-acura-nsx-for-sale-in-sun-valley-ca-jh4na216x4t000009-656143

Only reason I'm considering to sell is because my wife surprised me by purchasing a new 718 Boxster S earlier this year. Having two mid-engine cars in the garage wasn't my plan and she uses the P-Car as a daily driver whereas the NSX is a garage queen. So if someone else is looking for a low entry 02+ NSX that is in excellent shape, here's your chance to own a 2004 in a rare color combo (but by 2004 aren't they all rare?)View attachment 162506


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