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2004 OEM interior trim paint code?

not a paint, but rather a film...

Does anyone have a part number or where I can get two cans of 2004 Silver interior trim paint?
The '02+ NSX interior trim (namely door-trim plates & center-console + vent-trim plate) is actually a tinted opaque semi-metallic film overlay adhered to a plastic/composite part. There is no paint.

There is a Honda graphite-grey Duplicolor paint that closely matches the color/finish of the '91-'01 NSX interior trim pieces (sans '99 NSX Zanardi edition).

For an equivalent paint for the '02+ NSX interior trim pieces, try an experienced & proficient body-shop (who does interior work & wheel repair) to use their photo-equipment to match & then mix/formulate the color for you.

Or you can get the interior trim pieces stripped/primed & use another similar tinted opaque film opaque semi-metallic overlay (from Dupont, 3M, etc) that most custom interior/trim shops can source for you by looking at their product samples, folders/binders/catalogs, etc.

Keep in mind, regardless of the near/perfect color match, the texture will be slightly different so it'd be worthwhile to do all the trim pieces at the same time.
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I'm also very interested in getting my trim pieces updated to the lighter 02'+ color. I wasn't aware shops could duplicate the OEM tinted film overlay process. Any idea how the durability and finish compares to the OEM finish?