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2005 US-Spec NSX Production Numbers 5/2014 Update


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23 January 2001
I found an error in my 2006 data, but can no longer update the original post.

In 2006, I had mistakenly counted one of the Long Beach Blue Pearl/Blue 6-Speed cars as a Long Beach Blue Pearl/Onyx.

The Updated numbers appear below:

The highest VINs for 2005 are:

5S000241 for the manual cars
5S000008 for automatic cars

For 2005, manual and automatic cars have their own VIN "series", meaning they are numbered differently. So, there would be two #000001 (one for manual, one for automatic), two #000002, and so on and so forth, all the way to #8, after which, there would only be the manual cars.

All 2005 cars are NSX-Ts.

Note also, that the Automatic VINs are numbered differently from the Manual VINs, so there's no way to tell if an Automatic was built before or after a Manual car with just the VIN.

There is one car that is not in American Honda's system:


I suspect that Honda Japan may have kept this car for their own use. If anyone has seen or knows anything about this car, feel free to share what you know. For the purposes of this database, it will be listed as "unknown".

Long Beach Blue Pearl/Onyx Manual: 15
Long Beach Blue Pearl/Blue Manual: 8
Long Beach Blue Pearl/Camel Manual: 3
Long Beach Blue Pearl/Onyx Auto: 0
Long Beach Blue Pearl/Blue Auto: 3
Long Beach Blue Pearl/Camel Auto: 0
Silverstone Metallic/Onyx Manual: 46
Silverstone Metallic/Silver Manual: 28
Silverstone Metallic/Onyx Auto: 3
Silverstone Metallic/Silver Auto: 1
New Formula Red/Onyx Manual: 20
New Formula Red/Camel Manual: 22
New Formula Red/Red Manual: 3
New Formula Red/Onyx Auto: 0
New Formula Red/Camel Auto: 0
New Formula Red/Red Auto: 0
Rio Yellow Pearl/Onyx Manual: 19
Rio Yellow Pearl/Yellow Manual: 6
Rio Yellow Pearl/Onyx Auto: 1
Rio Yellow Pearl/Yellow Auto: 0
Berlina Black/Onyx Manual: 43
Berlina Black/Camel Manual: 12
Berlina Black/Red Manual: 2
Berlina Black/Onyx Auto: 0
Berlina Black/Camel Auto: 0
Berlina Black/Red Auto: 0
Imola Orange Pearl/Onyx Manual: 3
Imola Orange Pearl/Orange Manual: 3
Imola Orange Pearl/Onyx Auto: 0
Imola Orange Pearl/Orange Auto: 0
Grand Prix White/Onyx Manual: 4
Grand Prix White/White Manual: 2
Grand Prix White/Camel Manual: 1
Grand Prix White/Onyx Auto: 0
Grand Prix White/White Auto: 0
Grand Prix White/Camel Auto: 0
Unknown Manual: 1
Unknown Auto: 0

Total Long Beach Blue Pearl Manual: 26
Total Long Beach Blue Pearl Auto: 3
Total Silverstone Metallic Manual: 74
Total Silverstone Metallic Auto: 4
Total New Formula Red Manual: 45
Total New Formula Red Auto: 0
Total Rio Yellow Pearl Manual: 25
Total Rio Yellow Pearl Auto: 1
Total Berlina Black Manual: 57
Total Berlina Black Auto: 0
Total Imola Orange Pearl Manual: 6
Total Imola Orange Pearl Auto: 0
Total Grand Prix White Manual: 7
Total Grand Prix White Auto: 0
Total Unknown Manual: 1
Total Unknown Auto: 0

Total Long Beach Blue Pearl: 29
Total Silverstone Metallic: 78
Total New Formula Red: 45
Total Rio Yellow Pearl: 26
Total Berlina Black: 57
Total Imola Orange Pearl: 6
Total Grand Prix White: 7
Total Unknown: 1

Total Manual: 241
Total Auto: 8

Grand Total 2005 US-spec NSX: 249

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