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2019 MAY 2-5 NSX CRAZE & Kelley Orange Memorial! Track Day @ COTA

29 November 2011

For those who don't have facebook, there's a NSX Craze going on! Please post up for questions, more details, or PM Single Samurai....

The time has come to Bring NSX Craze Back to Austin, TX! It’s been a little bit since 2012! What better way to remember Kelley Orange than bring CRAZE back to where it began? He's going to be smiling from above FoSho!

We have eliminated all of the drama with Pre-Registrations Versus Hotel Availability and deposits / entry fees as everybody will be responsible for their own charges and payment as they please at each venue. Whether you choose to join the entire event or just portions of it, it is up to you so you can come and go as you please. We understand that some of you would love to drive on the U.S. Formula 1 GP Track but some would rather just join the evening festivities / camaraderie and the Spirited Group Drive Saturday.... So please feel free to join anything you’d like. We have arranged a host hotel with parking together if you'd like to take advantage of the group pricing. Here's the Game Plan....

Day 1 / Thursday May 2nd
@ 4:00pm:
Check In to Home2Suites Hilton (Domain)
@ 6:00pm:
Arrive @ Petrol Lounge for the Welcoming of NSX's & Owners
@ 6:30pm:
Dinner / Taco Deli to arrive On-Site

Day 2 / Friday May 3rd
@ 7:00am:
Track Day @ COTA (Circuit Of The America's)
@ 7:00pm:
Dinner @ TBD

Day 3 / Saturday May 4th
@ 7:00am:
Meeting Hotel Parking Lot (GAS TANKS FILLED UP!)
@ 7:15am
Depart for Breakfast @ Costa Bake Shop
@ 9:00am:
Scenic & Spirited Drive Part 1
@ 12:30pm:
Group Picture @ Harry's BBQ & Beer Joint
@ 2:00pm:
Lunch @ Alamo Springs Cafe
@ 3:00pm:
Scenic & Spirited Drive Part 2
@ 7:30pm:
Dinner @ Twin Panda (Indonesian & Chinese Fusion)

Day 4 / Sunday May 5th
@ 10:00am:
K1 Speed Go-Karting

For those of you that have attended a Regional Meet Up, you know how much fun we all have together! For those of you that have never attended one of our Texas Meets, it's unlike anything you've ever experienced with your NSX meeting like minded enthusiasts to hang out with each day. I personally have made many life long friends! A Huge Thanks to the Austin Crew for taking the time to set all of this up!

I will be placing the Hotel & Track Registration information in the comments area. Please feel free to bring 2-Way Radios as well.

Looking forward to seeing all of you! Going to be CRAZE'Y!
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Track Day infoooo

Regarding Friday's COTA Track Event:
Registration is Now OPEN��������
The discount code / coupon has been added to point #6. Should you have Any Issues or Questions regarding Registration, please message Marie Adams Directly as she will be glad to assist you in getting through the process.

Registration Instructions & Cost
The cost works out to just under $450 including membership, discount, and fees.
Everyone will have to go through the NASA website to sign up, which means creating an account and paying a $45 fee to become a NASA member. By becoming a member, Will at NASA has agreed to extend a 20% discount off the normal $99. So 20% off of the $499.
1) Go to https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/3054
2) Scroll down and check May 03 (1 Day) HPDE
3) From the dropdown choose your driving class level. If you have no experience, choose HPDE2 and also notate to notify Marie & Scott Adams so they may line up enough instructors.
4) Scroll all the way down and press the "Register" button
5) You will see the summary of your shopping cart which includes NASA membership.
6) Apply promo code: New-2-NASA-78898
It is IMPORTANT that you check out with the membership, and the event entry in the same transaction, otherwise the code will not work.

7) Complete checkout.
Four 30 minute sessions on Circuit of the Americas
HPDE and TT will likely stay paired together no matter what, which is where we are going to recommend you guys sign up. HPDE has 4 levels. Listed on the site you will only see HPDE 2-4 for Friday, May 3rd. We do not typically offer level 1 on Friday, because we usually cannot get enough instructors there to accommodate a full group. However, for the NSX guys, this is where Scott is going to do a bit extra. We understand there are going to be some guys with zero experience, that need/want an instructor in the car. Scott is going to get some of his best guys to come out that day and work with your group. So we will just need a solid number of how many zero experience guys we will have, and how many instructors we will need. I know there are plenty of other guys in the group who have been on track before, and can sign up for levels 2-4 without an instructor.
The recommendation was HPDE route vs your own run group purely because of cost. COTA is so expensive, that to have your own group it would cost about $40,000. At other tracks, its significantly less, but at COTA, there is just no way around it. HPDE will work just as well for what NSX Craze is looking to do.
Parade Laps
Parade Laps. This is something we are working on when we build the final schedule to see if we have time somewhere to squeeze it in. Usually this is something we do during a lunch break.
Hotel info!

Here is the Link to our Host Hotel (Hilton Home 2 Suites) for NSX Craze 2019. It is located in the “Domain” area. Our discounted rate is $139.00 per night with 2 room options. Complimentary Breakfast as well.