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25000 miles - 1991 Acura NSX Red/Black (Original)

10 January 2024
1991 Acura NSX
Manual Transmission
25000 miles
Not within Snap Ring Range
No mods
Lots of documentation, including original BOS, service, etc.
PPi Performed by Rob Magro prior to purchase
Originally a US car, now in Canada, can easily be imported back to US. If required, I have a broker and transport who can assist.
$95,000.00 USD

Happy to answer any questions. Thank you.
[email protected]

Year: 1991
Exterior color/Interior Color Red on Black (Refer to Pics)
Number of Owners: 3 (Based on Carfax)
Transmission: Manual (Refer to Pics)
In Snap Ring Range? (if 5spd Manual): NOT in Snap Ring Range
VIN: JH4NA1159MT000746 (Refer to Pics)
Mileage: 25000 (Refer to Pics)
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private Seller
Location (City, State): Ontario, Canada
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean Title


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