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265's why not on factory 16/17 help...??? :D

28 November 2009
My rears need replacing very soon..

I look at suggestions well advice and a explanation perhaps.

I realize tires are a little flexible for fitment for example if the manufacture specify a tire for the the size of wheel you are able to put something very similar on in size.

I have the factory 16/17 setup

The rears are recommended as 245/40/17.

I have currently fitted 265/40/17

Shall i re-order 265/40/17 or change to something not as wide?

What is best for grip and handling? quick thought is the wider you can go on that rim would be best but just because the tire is wider it may not have as much contact to the road because the rim is better suited for a 255 perhaps?

Can someone share some light on this? Are 265s ok? good size and contact to the road or too big?

I'm looking for best grip in a fast road occasional odd track use. What are your thoughts on Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec or maybe a Hankook Ventus R-S3? But the Hankook's are only availible in the 255 so would mean dropping from the current 265 anyway.

What are your thoughts, i have selected these two tires based on reviews here and on tirerack website and other website. I currently have Falken 452's how would the above two compare to my current tires?
I've just been reading another thread saying the Falken 452's are classed as crappy cheap performance tires.

Is this the case?

This is interesting as i've been using them for years even on a 520bhp 300zx. Last time at the strip i couldnt put my power down with the 452's and was really not impressed with myself.

Perhaps this was down to the 452's being crappy!! Are the 2 tires from my previous post much better then?

Just looked on Dunlop site and this is what they say.

<table><tbody><tr><td>255/40R17</td> <td> 94W</td> <td>BSW</td> <td>8.5-10.0</td> <td>9.00</td> <td>10.3</td> <td>25.0</td> <td>10</td> <td>1,477@51</td> </tr> <tr> <td>265/40R17</td> <td> 96W</td> <td>BSW</td> <td>9.0-10.5</td> <td>9.50</td> <td>10.7</td> <td>25.4</td> <td>10</td> <td>1,565@51</td></tr></tbody></table>

I think the rears are 8.5" rims on the stock 16/17 setup, I am a 1997 car but UK cars differ.

I've always ran a FK452 265 on a 8.5" rim thinking it was fine

There are several reasons to stay relatively close to the stock sizes. It keeps the TCS operating properly, it maintains the accuracy of the gauges, it doesn't rub, it's safe because it's within the range of wheel widths of the tire, and it will maintain the car's acceleration (rear tires with a larger outer diameter have the same effect as putting taller gearing on the car). As far as handling goes, it seems to do best with a stagger (difference in treadwidth between front and rear) in the 40-50 mm range, not any more than that.

As you know, your stock tire sizes are 215/45-16 and 245/40-17. Some owners use 205/45-16 in the front, primarily because of better tire availability in that size. Some owners use 255/40-17 in the rear. I would not recommend doing both. I also would not recommend getting the wider 265/40-17, for all kinds of reasons - it may cause problems for the TCS, it's unsafe because the wheels are too narrow for that size tire, and it's only going to hurt your acceleration and the accuracy of the gauges, without any significant benefit.

Every tire manufacturer offers a range of tires, including supersticky "extreme performance tires" and economical "ultra high performance tires". For a high-horsepower application, your best bet is to get the stickiest tires you can, so that they can put that extra horsepower down on the pavement. As you have found out, the Falken FK-452 isn't very sticky; you'll be shocked at the difference if you switch to an extreme performance tire. If you do so, make sure you switch all four tires; your handing will be better that way, as you wouldn't want to mix two supersticky tires with two tires that don't grip that well.

In shopping for tires, remember to check for front sizes as well as rears. Here in the States, Dunlop does not sell the Star Spec in any size that fits the NSX 16" front, and neither does Hankook with the R-S3. The following combinations of extreme performance tires are available here for an NSX with 16"/17" tires:

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 205/45-16 and 245/40-17
Kumho Ecsta XS 215/45-16 and 245/40-17 or 255/40-17
Toyo Proxes R1R 205/45-16 and 245/40-17
Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/45-16 and 255/40-17

I recommend any of these tires and sizes.
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the Dunlop Z2 just came out may be you should wait
The ZII is only out in Japan, not in North America. At least, not yet. If you need tires now, you'll need to choose from those that are available, and they include several other good extreme performance tires; see recommendations above.