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3 days at Deals Gap- The Dragon Rt 129

4 July 2004
Augusta, GA
So finally, after 8 years of owning my NSX and a few trips thru deals gap in a minivan, I was finally able to take my NSX and enjoy it!!

Such a great experience! I am disappointed that I spent so much time in the gap and never ventured onto 28 South until my drive back to GA.

Next time, ill stay on 28 and keep driving it!!


Once I find a converter to convert my Sony HD files onto something my mac can read, ill put my +80 minutes into a short clip!
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ZdayZ is going to be nuts this year. 500+ registered so far!
I might have to track you down. I've always wanted a NSX.
... i can never justify pulling the trigger.
I just returned 2 weeks ago from the dragon. I go every year. I really want to get an NSX event set up there