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350mm or 320mm steer wheel is better

22 June 2008
hi . I want to know which steer wheel is best for control over the car, comfort while driving and etc. Thanks.:redface:
switching out the stock steering wheel for any aftermarket steering wheel from sizes 350 to 300 is an upgrade.
the stock steering wheel is just heavy and bulky.

the wheels that ive collected over time and that feel great are the following

350mm tuner - most popular - stock size + light weight - same as NSX-R
320mm tuner - most popular - smaller Dia. with larger grips. weighted
Team 300mm - most popular, looks really good.
Monte Carlo 320mm - thickest grip available
Competition 350mm - stock sized with thicker grips

Nardi deep corn leather 330mm - Y spoke, ribbed back

other really good ones
Personal Neo Grinta
MOMO jet 350mm - carbon fiber
Personal Pole Position - suede and leather
all street sparco wheels except D cuts.
not recommended - batman looking ones

really hard to find and too expensive due to being rare and high demand
Mugen FG360
its got a face only a mother could love.
this one runs about 1300 new now.
used ones ranges from 700-900 with center pad.

if you're going to do a lot of twisting and turnings, i recommend 300 for faster steering action. if thats not enough go with a Team 280mm
ask NSX1/Steve

i took the Nardi 330 on the NSX Gone Wild run because i figured it was just street driving, but felt that was too much effort and went back to the Team300.
anything 300+ is great for cruising, but carving the road - 300mm takes with win.

BTW, i have quick release steering wheels.
I ran the MOMO Trek in my 350 and the NSX for several months. For the money, it's a great looking wheel. Seems the Trek has been around for many years, but I believe it's 350mm. {I think}:confused:
Momo Tuner 320 is perfect. Also can still view all gauges. BTW- a friend of mine was looking for a hub (non-quick release) to go with the Momo. Any ideas where to get with hub kit for 03?