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40,000 mile update

17 June 2012
Hit 40,000 miles on my 2017 yesterday. It has been my DD for the last 12 months. I have about an 80 mile round trip to work 3-4 days a week. Car has been rock solid to this point, the only issue was the gas cap release which was replaced under warranty. Sadly as much as love this car it might be going away next month. Powertrain is up next month and I'm terrified of owning this thing out of warranty. All this bespoke stuff on the car could be $$$$$ if breaks and no third party warranty is worth anything. Plus as much as I drove this thing this 75,000 mile reported engine out thing will come up fast.

So far since owning the car since 2020 I have spent about 6k in service/tires etc.

My newest bill today

tires 1700
dual clutch fluid 1100
pads 1200
oil 600

total= 4600
Im sure those are dealer inflated prices but gross estimate ive spent 10k in four years. Also tracked it 3 times. SO that equals about 2500 yr. Pricey but sure it would be worse with any other mid-engined "exotic".

Car still turns heads even more so these days.

Long story short I'd recommend the car to anyone who was to drive their sports cars. Doing it again I would get the newest one I could afford with the longest warranty.

I understand where you are coming from but since you have driven it and it gets used, the car is rock solid. I would not sell it. I also made the video about the 75K service which by the time most NC1s hit that mile marker, shops will do that service for way less than the dealer cost. As a current certified master technician, I can tell you cars have problems when they do not get used. I really think you are worrying for nothing. You can put another 30K miles on it with no issues.
I wonder if the amount you've spent on the car maintenance is more or less in line with non-hybrid entry level super cars like the R8 or Huracan.