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forever backorder on shocks?

25 March 2024
Hi, long-time lurker, first time poster.

I am an original owner of a 2017 NC1 in Curva Red. The car remains our pride and joy, and still truly a spectacle to drive and behold. It was my DD until we got a third car for winter, and I do stretch her legs out at HPDE a few times a year.

My problem is last April her front shocks were both leaking out and needed replacement. I've been waiting now almost a YEAR for the parts, which have been on backorder all this time with no ETA. The dealership isn't much more helpful than "we'll let you know". I've been patiently waiting because the dealership has offered to do the replacement at their cost as a loyalty good will gesture, but now the a full year has passed and spring has returned it doesn't seem reasonable any longer and I may look aftermarket. Is this a normal thing to wait this long for parts these days?
Welcome to NSX Prime! I know that Acura had a special customer care line/contact for NC1 owners. I'd escalate this to corporate. That's a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a car with a domestic parts chain.
I know this isn’t ideal, but you can get used on eBay. The fronts are not too difficult to remove. They come out as a complete unit. There may be a possibility that the shock can be rebuilt. I do not recall looking at the unit after removing the springs as to whether it is a sealed unit that cannot be opened?