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75K valve adjustment service

29 March 2007
I have been researching to get details on the 75K valve adjustment service. Is this based off of miles only or is it based off of the years and which ever comes first? And is this every 75K miles? I have reviewed online owners manual and also went to http://www.nsxwiki.com/nsx-second-generation/specifications/2017-22-maintenance-schedule/ but I am not getting the specifics. Can someone provide some details related to the 75K valve adjustment service.

Thanks in advance.
Here is a Youtube video discussing engine out valve adjustment and other maintenance. Spark Plugs require changing at 100,000 kilometers. I suspect that the valves and spark plugs are mileage rather than time based. Also, I have not heard of any NC1s having a valve adjustment. Could be a recommendation without any actual data. The previous generation NSX started with a recommendation and ended up based on whether there was noise associated with the valves.
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Its definitely wear related and according to noise. In theory, if your engine is oiled, the actual wear is very minimal. I've seen Legends with 300k miles without the valve lash adjusted, it seems to be mentioned a lot in Hondaland, but I for one have very rarely seen a car actually...loosing power due to timing or compression because the valve lash is off, its more commonly some other minor timing issue, especially on older cars, like a coil, timing belt stretch, but our oiled internals don't have that as a common Honda problem.
Dude.... just found this. Ummm I'm kind of in shock. 20k+..... This will definitely hurt the resale in the future. I was about to pull the trigger on one but I'm not sure now. I would probably sell it within two to three years though. It would be my 5th NSX total.

This is NOT a Ferrari and people probably won't see the value in a 20k service for a Honda. But you never know what the future may bring.