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***SOLD*** 02 NSX-T 6 speed White for sale

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9 April 2018
Year: 2002
Exterior color/Interior Color White/Red (Originally Berlina Black)
Transmission: 6 Speed
VIN: JH4NA21652T000223
Mileage: 150Kish car is still my daily so this will change
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private
Location (City, State): NoVA
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean




[email protected] or PM on here.
I will not be monitoring this post directly so please use the mentioned contact methods.

Maintenance History:

Up to date and very well documented can and will provide a folder with all the receipts and maintenance items the car has had in mine and previous owners care. it is quite extensive and impossible to show everything. All receipts have the dates parts were bought and were installed shortly thereafter under my ownership.

Trans and Engine oil was just changed (Royal Purple Synchromesh, and Liqui Moly MolyGen 5w40)
Brake and Clutch fluid were also both done this month (ATE Type 200)
Recoated Valve covers with Valve adjustment and OEM Gaskets done at the same time July 22
New Pride front & rear ball joints (Just done)
New OEM upper rear ball joints/control arms (Just done)
New Pride Toe Arms (Just done)
New Pass Rear ABS speed sensor (Just done)
Fresh alignment (Just done)

All other maintenance items listed below


Selling my factory Blk on Red 02 NSX-T 6speed. I bought the car 3 years ago and have put a ton of time, effort, and money into making the car right and how it should've came from the factory, and I am ready to move on. The car as it sits now is a far cry from how it was when I bought it 3.5yrs ago and is a perfect daily-able 02 NSX as it serves me now. Everything done on this car has been to return it stock or improve upon it, the theme has been an OEM+ approach.

Car is/was originally Berlina black on Red but I had the car resprayed Porsche Carrera White. The reason for the color change was I didn't like the car being black on red and wanted a White on Red NSX an option never offered in the US.. Door jambs and trunk were all painted white while leaving the engine bay, frunk area, side scoops, side mirrors, and roof factory black. The reason for the respray was the car was in a minor accident sub 35mph that resulted in the front pass fender and bumper cover being replaced. I also had the antenna hole shaved and filled when the car was painted. There was no structural damage and car is and been aligned without any issues. All new OEM Honda parts were sourced through Pohanka Acura and the color change/body work was done by D&V Autobody Masters in their new highly rated facility. Full documentation will be provided detailing all the accident repairs as well as color change. The roof and side scoops were left Berlina to add some needed contrast. All remaining VIN tags are in place and are visible.

Aside from that the car had its motor replaced by Daisy at 117,500K miles due to a head gasket failure under prior ownership. "Total of receipts for work completed: $24,950. Cometic Head Gaskets, ARP Head Studs, 3/5 Angle Valve Job, Injectors rebuilt, motor mounts. While there the clutch was replaced and ARP head studs were put in place with various other smaller items being taken care of as well." Any other mods were removed or replaced under my care.

All maintenance work has either been done by me, Carl Hernandez at BadCat & BlackBox, or Jerry Soriano at My Dads Automotive. It was only farmed out for things I couldn't do or didn't have time for. i.e. alignments, key replacement, valve adjustment, etc.. The bulk of the work has been handled by me as I am quite anal about things being done to a high standard.

Additionally the car still has its factory window sticker, manual with the selling dealer maint log book, two new keys with new fobs, and one original key.

Car is in the NoVA area and can be seen at Katies or Dulles Car and Coffee events if you are local to the area. Please let me know if you wish to view the car in person at either event as I have other cars I routinely take to those events.

Modifications done under my ownership:
Downforce Carbon O.E.R Hood and Type R wing (Wing has exposed carbon center with Berlina side pillars)
New OEM Side Skirts
Sakebomb Ohlin's 8k/6k
S2000 steering wheel
Cedar Ridge Tunnel Brace
Cedar Ridge Ti Compliance Clamps
Type R Front & Lower Chassis brace
Type R front sway bar
Type S/Zanardi rear sway bar
Zanardi Short Shifter
Foundry3 Ti Upper Brace
Full Poly Bushings
New pride front & rear ball joints (Just done)
New OEM rear ball joints (Just done)
New Slotted & drilled rotors
Endless MX72 Pads
New OEM front outer and inner tie rods
Rebuilt EPS rack with upgraded bushings (NSXRackRepair)
New OEM Driver and Passenger carpet
New OEM Window regulators
New Leatherseat.com seat covers
New OEM Black Speaker covers
Door and center console trim redone matte black (by Stickynomore)
New CoCoMats Sisal floor mats
Type R shift boot
New OEM Door trim
Type R Radio delete plate
Audio Frog GB15 highs
Focal ES165KX2 Mids
SoS Footwell Sub box
Arc 1100.5 Amp
Helix Mini DSP
Alumapro 10in sub
Absolute Electronix Moded Sony AX8100 to fit in factory NSX JDM Navi Pod(looks and feels OEM)
New Set of keys and factory keyless remotes
New Targa Seals
New OE Coils
Replaced ECU due failed o2 Heater circuit(still have the original ECU)
Rebuilt Alternator
New o2 Sensors
Recoated Valve covers with Valve adjustment and Gaskets done at the same time July 22
New KOYO radiator
New Coolant Expansion Tank
New Coolant lines
New Insane Shafts Axles
New Pride Toe Arms (Just done)
Circuit works catback(Pride sister company)
New Pass Rear ABS speed sensor (Just done)
Refinished factory wheels black
SoS Blank Center caps
Back Dated JDM Honda tail lights


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