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91 Red / Black NSX; Worried and need opinions

27 March 2012
San Antonio, TX
Hello, my account is new, but I've visited NSXPrime every now and then. Anywho, my worry is this listing on CL: http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/2864123432.html

I am currently looking for an NSX that is relevantly affordable for me. The current owner lives some what nearby, purchased the car in 2006 and seems quite honest as he had posted links to the car's carfax. I have not seen it in person yet as I'm busy this week, and I am interested, but I really want some second opinions from the people of NSXPrime.

My worries of this car so far
- Failed emissions test 8 times
- Rollbacks on Odometer readings
- Accident in Florida but looks good

What would you guys do in my scenario and how much should one expect to pay for an NSX with such conditions?

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It depends what you are looking for. There recently was a '91 all original with up to date service with 90k miles listed here for 23.5.

Don't ever rush into buying a NSX. I looked at 30 NSX's before I purchased mine. Light tasteful mods and every single service done according to the book because that was important to me.
I would compare buying this NSX with buying one with a salvage title. You'll never get the ODO rollback off the Carfax and, truth be told, it probably was rolled back. If you plan on keeping the car for a while and driving it the discrepancies should not matter that much to you as long as the NSX is in good running order. You'll run into problems when you try and sell the car if you go in that direction. That being said the ad that you posted seems to be well written and the owner seems to have documented everything pretty well. Have a good PPI done and maybe knock a couple grand off the price. Good luck.