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91 to 97 NSX wanted, manual, ready to buy today

1 May 2009
NSX wanted, Stock, Manual, ready to buy today

Located in Socal, willing to travel 500 miles from 91106.

Color: White
(but silver, blue, midnight pearl or green is okay)
(Will consider black and red)
Average to average high mileage, normal rock chips, minor scretch is fine, doesn't have to be garage queen condition.

Must be as stock as possible, with records and serviced, if major service is due, that's okay
No Accident, clean title, no overheated.
Less previous owner as possible, less than 5 at least.

I planned to keep the NSX in stock, take reall good care, no mods, no race and as classic as it is. Dreamed for 21 years and still looking.

if you have an NSX that fits those parameters for sale, please let me know. ready to buy.

pm please. thanks!
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