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92 Red/Blk 46k mi Excellent Condition - JH4NA1155NT000647

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22 July 2001
Bethlehem, PA
It hurts me to do this, but I have to put my NSX up for sale. I've decided to go back to school for a masters degree, so I need to start being more "responsible" with my money (as painful as it is). If you're looking for a clean, lower mileage early model year NSX then you won't find very many better examples than this. It previously belonged to another forum member, Steveny, so feel free to contact him for his opinion of the car.

Here are the details:

- 45,9xx miles

- Dealer serviced at Davis Acura (home of Bernie, one of the best NSX mechanics in the country) since I've owned it, and at Crest Acura before that.

- No accidents and no paintwork. The car looks amazing for a '92, I can't tell you the number of people who've asked me if it's new.

- Interior is in great shape, some minimal wear on the driver's side bolster

- Mostly stock with a few minor mods. The interior does have carbon fiber trim which was installed by the previous owner. Personally I like it, and I've found that it looks much better in person than it does in pictures. Other mods: Stoptech cross drilled rotors, Dali brake air-deflectors.

- Factory keyless entry, Smartenna

- Maintainence is up to date, with all records since 2001.

- Timing belt changed at 41k miles in March '04.

- Climate control system was COMPLETELY overhauled in late '01 - early '02. New control unit, AC compressor, condensors, the works. Steveny had bought an aftermarket warranty on it, and apparently it served him well.

- Choice of wheels: stock '91-'93 wheels with brand-new OEM Yoko's, OR 17"/18" Voxx wheels with Dunlop SP9000's. The R/R Voxx is slightly bent, which causes some steering wheel vibration at highway speeds. I'll be getting this fixed in the near future, but I figure for now I should disclose it.

Other issues:

- Car is in snap-ring range. I know, I know... this had scared me away from other NSXs in the past. After looking at the odds of a car in range actually having the snap-ring fail though, I decided this NSX was in such good condition that it would be silly to pass it up. I hope you will too. :biggrin: I've adjusted the asking price accordingly to take this into account.

- Stock BOSE speaker amps need to be repaired. They actually work alright after they warm up for a while, and personally I just like to listen to the engine unless I'm on a long trip, so I haven't bothered to fix them yet.

I don't know of any other issues with the car. Shortly after I purchased it I took it to Bernie at Davis Acura to get it checked out and make sure any problems were resolved. This was over a year ago, so I would be willing to take it back there for another inspection if a buyer is serious enough.

Now asking $29,950!

Pics are below, email me for high res versions. I'm currently located in Bethlehem, PA (about an hour north of Philly) and I'll be moving into Philadelphia in the near future. Any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to ask.








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