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95+ Aluminum Rear Bumper Beam

24 February 2012
Meridian Idaho
I recently bought what was advertised as a 95+ OEM Rear Bumper Beam. Based on my understanding, I expected this to be the lighter weight aluminum bumper beam but I am not sure that is what I received.

Does anyone have a picture of the Aluminum OEM Rear Bumper Beam or is there an easy way to identify which bumper beam I have (91-94 or 95+)? I'll post a picture of what I received if I can figure out how...

Appreciate any help you can provide!
Is it silver or black?
Thanks for confirming what I suspected. I've contacted the seller to start the return process.
Nope. Not sure when it was changed but the UKDM 1996 car I broke had an Ali rear bumper beam.
I think you may be right. I suspect introducing Targa in 95 has something to do with it :)

Pre 95 part number: 71530-SL0-305
And 95+: 71530-SL0-A01
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Thanks again for the further info. I was second guessing myself on exactly which year switched to aluminum but my research/PN checking convinced me the change was made in 95.
should be aluminum color and weigh like 20 lbs if its black and weighs like 75lbs then you know.
I hope you did'nt get "mislead" by a seller/member here.
No, it wasn't a seller on Prime. It was from a used parts seller on e-bay...they are very highly rated and have been apologetic about the mix-up. At this point I'm willing to call it an honest mistake. Should have the item returned in the coming days and I will continue my search or just bite the bullet and buy a new one!