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Rear Carbon Bumper Beam

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
We are making a 1st GB batch, newly designed 5 rear bumper beams. Intro GB price is $1240 shipped to US 48. ETA 4-6 wks. Fits 91-05. Size 45-7/8" x 3-5/8"x 2-7/8", this is shorter than the 91-94 OEM, about the same as the 95+ model.
A $500 Non-refundable deposit is required. 2nd batch will be a bit lighter and price will be different. Too bad this bumper beam is too pretty to be covered up by the bumper cover. As always with custom parts, we maybe slow in delivery, but we will deliver.

These are made with mostly UD and woven 3K, vacuum-bagged and OOA cured. Wt. > 4.5 lbs. Will comes with anodized mounting hardware(on order) the nutplates are aerospace SAE, not Metric to set apart from the OEM Metric nuts and bolts. This will shed ~20lbs from the OEM steel beam and ~8 lbs. of the alum OEM beam.

The wt. saving is far away from the CG of the car thus makes the car turns quicker due to lower Moment of Inertia and improve the lateral G given proper tires are used.

We are also redesigning/making a front bumper beam as well and weight saving should be similar which means sheding close to 50lbs at the far end is a big deal for performance in acceleration, braking, handling. This is a guaranteed upgrade, not a mod, with no side effect except attention is needed as it turns much easier. Just bolt it on and you are ready to feel the difference at all speed. This is also totally reversible back to OEM. The 5th photo shows a 1/8" black stripe on the oem styrofoam which needs to be cut to fit this new bumper properly.

The new front bumper beam should be ready early 1st quarter of 2024 and you should plan on having one as well as the weight saving is significant enough, not doing both sides will throw off the balance of the car too much and that is not a responsible thing to do. We believe in do it right the first time or don't do it at all.

Design in San Diego Calif. Made in the NASCAR country of Mooresville NC....not that means anything.

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2 more left in this batch. We will be passing by Ramon's shop in mid-Dec. and drop it off to save shipping.

1) j.....r
2) S.....n
3) p.....g

PM Qs answers:
All our parts are made to order. We design and make parts and mostly out of prepreg carbon. No more welding/bending/cutting metals/wet lay up for us. We are not the middle-man. You are buying direct. Prepreg parts are too expensive to stock and the NSX market is nano-size. You must understand what you are buying cuz we do not refund but we DO deliver.
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More PM Qs answers:
Do you offer a fiberglass version? No we don't and never will. We are in the minority for making car parts. fiberglass was high tech in 1960 but can't take loads compare to carbon. IIRC from way back, the sick Comptech WB kit weights around 30-40 lbs in fiberglass, then you have to get bigger wheels and tires => heavier so there is no way we're going to add that much weight to the car now we have carbon/prepreg as an option which is a far superior material for a "seasoned" supercar as upgrades not mods.

Would you make parts for other cars?
Yes, for cars made from alum or carbon but not steel based car. Our days of playing with metal have passed.

Can you make other parts for the NSX?
If it doesn't make the car lighter and better, usually not. We follow Gordon Murray approach.....if a bling part saves a lot of weight, we might. ie. the rear engine cover...OEM 91-94 =15lbs. carbon ~ est. < 3 lbs.
Wow, its the same design which we developed for the NSX over 10 years before in 2012.
We designed that part to fit 1991-2005 NSXs, it was the first cf rear bumper beam available worldwide.
Standart version was 2.430g, the ultralightweight version was 1.700g.


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Ditto Detlef. We asked MJ why he did not carry your bumpers so we don't have to make them but he had no comeback. He is now deep in the McLaren world with 4 for rotation...where something is always not working or need more HP. He saz Hello.

we made a few starting back in 2008 with our old mold. It was the first upgrade we did on the car. Then we made one for the front. Wow, the lowered MOI is quite noticeable the car accelerate and brake faster, and turns quicker especially during a fast/slow chicane. since its so far away from the CG. Simple physics at work....everytime. Since our Variable ratio steering rack project died in Phase II, the lighter bumpers were a "pseudo" solution.

It was just under 4 lbs, light, strong and functional but both bumpers were not as easy on the eye as yours. Now many years later, so much has changed in tooling, resin, prepreg, OOA process.....etc. and our skill level.

Now we have escaped Calif. to Mooreville NC, which is mucho business friendly.
The front bumper is WIP and we're making the back of the bumper flat to mount 2 actuators:) not sure what to do with the curved windshield water bottle yet.
the OEM rear bumper is basically a rectangular box like our carbon rear engine bay strut so the tooling was easier to make. we were gonna make the front the same way as the rear totally straight but decided to model after the OEM shape wise which is more work.


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Who is MJ? Marc Johnson aka Dali?
I didnt make cf bumper beams for him, as I started that project he was out of my business relationship
because he still owns me lot of money for cf hoods and cf spoilers.

But nice to see that the Procar design is good enough for copies......as DF did with my NA1/2 cf hoods and R spoilers.
many loved MJ-Dali....many hated MJ-Dali....the Dali water tank GB was a hot item recently.

we could not afford ProCar perfect boutique cf parts after we bought the NSX so we had to make our own even though they were not easy on the eyes at 1st. There are only so many ways to draw a rectangle box w/o be called a copy-cat but there are only 20 NSX on the market. U'd cornered the market.
We are working on a Type R rear wing also, I'm sorry if it look like yours. I apologize in advance if the front bumper above looks like your. We are kinda flattered you think our parts look like yours.