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A break from economy: My personal story of racing in hurricane Ike (with Pictures)

14 April 2002
Hi everyone.

Don't post as much but many of you old timers remember my:

Headers for Dummies
Springs for Dummies
Pimp my Garage
European Vacation
The twelve days of Christmas in a 540i

and a few others...

Well here is another great one. It is my personal story how I started out with Lewis and Clark, got caught in a hurricane, and ended up in Chicago...

Click here to see the pictures and read the story

Hope you find this entertaining. Take care.


Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing the story. Good luck in Chicago.
Great story. Good luck in Chicago!
What a great story, Nick! I'm glad they accepted your request to run the Chicago Marathon - your letter cracked me up.

In short, thanks for the read and "kick ass Seabass!"
Thanks guys - I am an inspiration to "big boned" beer drinking bbq rib eating runners everywhere! I am the guy that finishes the race and eats so many donuts that I actually put ON weight! I had to stop running races as I would get too fat. I tried to switch to smoking at the end but no one ever seems to have a light!


My favorite part? I love passing up all the little guys - you know the type - vegetarians, think Green tea is a cool club and party drink, and won't do any upper body stuff as it adds too much upper body weight. They get totally depressed when I take them over near the finish line and ruin their finish picture by lifting my arms and showing my belly fat as we both cross the finish line.

Now if they would just handicap us runners by weight, alcohol, and brautworsts consumed in the last week! I would be a regular Bruce Jenner!!!