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A/C gremlins acting up!

29 May 2001
San Francisco Bay Area
Hi All,
I've already looked under the FAQs --> Troubleshooting --> Climate Control, and could not find reference to my situation.
When I turn on my A/C, sometimes it will blow cold air. However, other times, it will just blow outside air. Even more inconsistent is the fact that it will blow cold air off and on several times in the course of an hour of driving. Lately, when it does blow warm outside air, it becomes incredibly humid inside. However, there is no set pattern to this phenomenon. Has anyone experienced this? What solutions or explanations can y'all provide?
I did notice that in the sight glass with the A/C on, it does become cloudy. From the info in the FAQ, this indicates that I am down a pound of freon. I replaced it years ago.
Any help and comments will be appreciated :)