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A new personal best

13 July 2004
Cowtown (Calgary, AB)
Attended my first track day of the year on Saturday and had a fantastic time. Lots of great rides out with our group including 430's, GT3's, Vipers, Z06's, SLR's, M3's, Evo's, a nice pair of Gulf Ford GT's and even an F40.:smile: Car ran great all day long which is no surprise, but by the end of the day the rear brakes were telling me it's time to change with a high pitched ringing.

Didn't get time to do the coil over swap prior to opening day so did it the afternoon following the time at the track. Performed a full 4 corner swap in just over 3 hours from parking to driving away. I couldn't get over how quick I got it all done! So much easier installing coil overs than the OEM style of set-up. Boy do they feel good too! Looking forward to my first date with the track and the new set-up. Can't wait. Unfortunately it took 2 hours to address the worn out brakes issue which wasn't just pads, but included two seized calipers. Leaves me with no option other than purchasing some replacement units - new or used. <sigh>