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ABS code 44 and TCS code 44 after dead battery?

28 May 2011
sf bay area
Recently we've had a cold spell - I went to start my 91 and it barely turned, and didn't start, so I connected the battery tender and let it charge to full.

Now, when I drive it, the traction control is constantly engaged, limiting my speed. The ABS and TCS lights are on.

I pulled the codes, and got an ABS code 44 and TCS code 44. I cleaned the right rear wheel speed sensor and it looked fine, but the lights are still on after pulling the 7.5a fuse.

Before I order a new wheel speed sensor, is there anything else I should check? It was fine (no lights) before the battery died and recharged.
nevermind, I took the sensor out, used the multimeter and checked the resistance at the connector in the trunk. Infinite resistance.

Cut into the cable right by the sensor to see if it was the wire... nope. Still infinite resistance instead of 800ohm.

Ordered a new one.