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Accord and NSX part swop

4 July 2004
Augusta, GA

are there any parts on a 97'Accord that are compatible with a 98'NSX?

I have an accord that has not ran in 4 years and if there are any parts that would work on both, I'd like to save them.

Car wax and cleaning supplies off the top of my head...
some interior trim screws maybe?? ..

I know there's a lot of interchange b/w the Legend and the earlier NSXs 91-94s, they were built kinda at the same time
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lol, thanks guys!

thought I'd ask, always heard legands and nsx had several compatible parts.
I think the ignition switch is interchangable. The Accord just has a longer wires.
91-93 accord antenna mast is interchangeable with the NSX antenna mast.