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Acura NSX Support in Cincinnati Area

29 April 2005
I'm contemplating my next car and the NSX is on the list. I'm not a mechanical guy, so support is important. Can anyone here comment on NSX support in the Cincinnati area?
Doug Axelrod
Milford, OH
Hey Doug,
Just like you, I'm in that very same situation in that very same area (Loveland). I'm seriously contemplating getting one.Obviously around here you dont see too many NSX's. So I'm guessing it's up to chance really. I'm expecting to have to travel up north towards Columbus/Cleveland as far as maintainence. There is a light blue NSX completely MODDED that I see every once in a while with the plates No Tikits? I believe that everytime I see, will push me towards getting an NSX like it's nothing. Hope your search goes well, and if you do decide to get one, we will have to meet up :biggrin:

Columbus service is bad, Cincy sucks. But just south of you in Nashville is Barn Man. He is your best bet and a good one at that. Go the distance, you'll understand why.
my old shop is in lexington ky. retired and sold out to my partner. They work on several nsx's. pm me for details. it is a honda specialty shop. The owner worked at honda dealer for about 15 years.