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Wheels ADV.1 18"/18" three piece Wheels. Widebody only.

21 October 2005
Traverse City, MI
These wheels were to be a part of our Pikes Peak Program, but the supplier backed out of our contract by not supplying the agreed-upon quantity for the race. We had a great offer from HRE Wheels, so we happily switched to them!

We have one set of 3 piece ADV.1 18X13, and 18X11 wheels that were mounted to the car for body production, and then used for 4.4 miles of testing before issues caused us to end the test. They were removed from the car at that point, tires dismounted, and were never mounted again.

We opted to have a .75" spacer made for the rear wheels to better fit our suspension design, but they fit the factory suspension without the spacer. The spacers are included regardless.

Front-spacing of the wheels(mounting pad surface to outside edge of rim):
Front wheel: 6"
Rear wheel: 6-5/8", 7-3/8" with spacer



I would like $2500 plus shipping. Wheels will be shipping in wheel boxes, and will be fully insured.

Email me please, [email protected]