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Advice Before Purchasing 2002 NSX

24 February 2022
Trying to get some advice please, I am currently trying to purchase a 2002 Acura NSX with just over 25,000 miles. I am new to the form and hopefully gnu to being a Acura NSX owner a little information on the car it is a private seller in South Florida the car is a 2002 six speed rand with camel interior. It has been garaged its entire life and it is in immaculate condition a 10 out of 10 interior and exterior
The owner of the car is in Japan until next week I don’t have any pictures for the Vin number until then but I will update once received.

my questions are, what is the value of this vehicle a ballpark figure will really help me tremendously. i’ve done some research but there is a small amount of similar cars for sale to compare. Also the prices are ranging from 90k-175k online. So I’m confused on what the value of the car is.

Second is are there any things to look out for upon further inspection before purchasing this model car?

any advice will help me very much this is a very large purchase for me and I want to make sure that I am making the right decision I want something that well last and some thing that will possibly appreciate in value in time so that I can pass it on to my children and they can enjoy it

( I apologize for the grammar I am driving and posted this with the help of Siri lol)

Thanks for reading