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After Market Brakes

12 March 2001
I have been thinking about purchasing after market brakes for my 92. I would like to hear some comments from anyone who has upgraded their brakes. I have been thinking about brembos. But have also been thinking about just crossed drilled rotors and a new set of race pads, and keeping the factory calipers. Is a set of brembos worth the extra 1500 dollars. I would love to hear from someone who has tried either setup. As well is there a setup that works as well as the brembo setup and would still fit under my stock wheels?
There are a LOT of different setups - aftermarket pads, aftermarket rotors, and aftermarket calipers (which fit under various sized wheels) - and a LOT of comments from people who have tried them, all in the FAQ at:


Also keep in mind that your usage may determine what best meets your needs. For example, the big benefit of brake upgrades is not shorter stopping distances (which are limited by your tires), but rather, better resistance to heat when repeatedly used, such as at the track. If you don't track your car, you may not need anything more than the stock setup. If you are experienced and do competitive racing, your needs may be different from the novice driver who is doing one track event a year. Your size of wheels may determine which caliper setups you're looking into; there is info on the various vendor websites about what each requires in the way of wheels.

That's a short answer to a question that has a lot of different answers, most of which are in the huge amount of information already compiled in the FAQ. No flames intended here. If you can be more specific, and let us know what information you're looking for that isn't already available there, we can help you better without writing an encyclopedia in response (especially since so much good info is already available - thanks again for the FAQ, Lud!).
Gotta thank your raison d'etre every once in a while, no?

Good idea - thanks, too, for the Forums, Lud!
Ok I read through the entire FAQ on brakes. I am now more confused than I was before. The one post that grabbed me was BDV's setup of the Hawk Blue pads, Motul 600 fluid and stock rotors. However, he did not mention anything about shudder, which is what I am trying to eliminate. I normally drive my car for street use, on back roads that I know well through the mountains. (Ones without cops, and lots of turns) There is several long stretches of the road where you can see a great distance and I usually take the car up to around 145 - 150 MPH. What I am looking to eliminate is the shudder that I get from about 85-55 mph every time I press the brake pedal. After owning several porsches and never having a shudder problem before, I am not sure how to eliminate this problem. It annoys the hell out of me. I am looking for feedback on how to completely eliminate this problem and if BDV could get back to me on his set up and if there was any shudder problems for him. Or if anyone else has a setup that has eliminated shudder. Also, if you could include where to buy the products.
I had serious shudder problems which I subsequently cured. What I did is described in the FAQ. Do what I did and I think you will eliminate your shudder.

You can find information about the companies who supplied my mods in the Company Directory section of the FAQ. Only difference is that since then I have switched to RM Racing slotted rotors and then PowerSlot slotted rotors from Dali Racing.

I believe the shudder is caused by "hot spots" on the rotor which expand at different rates when the rotor gets hot (from VERY hard stops) and which have varying thicknesses when hot, creating the shudder. It goes away when the rotors cool.

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Aftermarket pads will eliminate the shudder too.
My stock pads shuddered horribly after I drove them hard.
I replaced them with Porterfield R4-S pads and absolutely no shudder since then..although I did experience fade at the track.
Aftermarket pads will eliminate the shudder too.

Yes, that's one of the things I tried.

I replaced them with Porterfield R4-S pads and absolutely no shudder since then..although I did experience fade at the track.

I think you'll find that the RM Racing pads will "bite" better and be more resistant to fade. I did.