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Aftermarket CD Player/Changer ?

13 November 2001
Nesconset, NY USA
Does anyone know if either the following trunk mounted changers/players is compatable with the factory radio ? (2001 NSX)

When the CD changer is in use, is there a readout on the radio panel similar to when a cassette tape is played ?

Alpine Model #'s "CHA S624" and "CHM S260"

Thanks for the help folks !

I talked to Alpine directly and they said wait because they are going to release all new 2002 models. He said they will be worth the wait becasue they are completely redesigned and will feature new anti-skip technology, etc.
There is an adapter to make dual-mode AiNET changers work with M-Bus head units. The key is you must have a dual-mode changer. I don't konw the model numbers offhand but any stereo store can tell you what does what.
Thanks Guys for all the info. I have the opportunity to get one through my Amex membership rewards and these are the only two they offer.

Does anyone know which one Acura uses if you get it from the dealer ? Is it an Alpine ? What about my question on the radio readout when a CD is playing ? Sorry for all the questions. I'm kind of stupid when it comes to stereo jargon.

From what I understand the factory cd changer is an Alpine. It must be a bottom of the line Alpine because mine skips all the time. As far as the read-out. It tells you which disk number and which track number.
OEM changers are Alpine 5960 (1991-1994) or CHM-601 starting in 1995 (a few 600s were used in 1995 but it quickly went to 601).
All you guys have been a tremendous help to me. I just ordered the CD changer, picked up the adapter and made arrangements to have it installed.

Couldn't have done it without you !!

p.s. Any members of NSXCA out there ? I'm proud to say that I just became a member !

p.s. Any members of NSXCA out there ? I'm proud to say that I just became a member !

Many - and perhaps most - of the active members of the NSXprime forums are members of the NSX Club of America. The club has just under a thousand members (978, to be precise).
Well, I got my aftermarket Alpine CD Changer model S620. Had it insatlled yesterday and it took about an hour. It works GREAT !

Thanks for all the help on this. Gee, I really love you guys !!