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Aftermarket harness bar

3 March 2011
Aside from the one SOS sells (titaniumdave), do we have any other options? Has anyone tried the universal harness bar?
I have the DaliRacing bar in mine. Granted, I bought it used and did NOT buy from Mark directly, and removed the "DaliRacing" decal off it the day it arrived in the mail.

It fits great and serves the purpose. I'm in VA, so you're more than welcome to check it out in person.
We have these in stock. I'm not sure what you mean by universal bar?


-- Chris
This is based off of TitaniumDave's design which is pretty darn cool. No cutting, fits snug, works well.

What I've been looking for though is just a rear interior 'b-pillar ' to increasing structural ridgitidy. One bar going from endpoint to endpoint...
Not having any luck though :(
Yes, I know that this wouldn't be a harness bar...

Chris, how 'bout it?
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