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Aftermarket stereo? or repair factory?

25 February 2001
Stamford, CT, USA
HELP! I think my BOSE factory stereo is about to go. I can hear the driver's side speaker popping and hissing. Should I just get an aftermarket replacement or send it for service to one of those mentioned in the FAQs? Can anyone recommend a place in the NY, CT area? Thanks.
You suffer from the same problem I do, the dreaded 1991 Bose amplified speaker problem. I've found several places locally that will rebuild the speaker amps for around $100-125 each. Problem is that this will happean AGAIN in 5-7 years. I've contacted Acura Customer Relations as well as Bose Q/A but they both kindly tell you to get out your check book. There are NO real alternatives short of ripping out all and re-doing the entire sound system.

Good Luck. (Your local Acura dealer should know of an electronics repair shop that could rebuild your speaker/amps).
What about this guy?

I've never used him, but I saved the link just in case.


1991 NSX Blk/Blk
1974 Vette 454 4 spd
What about this guy?

He's one of several repair places listed you-know-where, in the "Sound System" section.
I bought an amp from them a couple of years ago for my driver side. It turned out to be a lot lower volume and dynamic as the right side.

Dave was nice enough to send me a replacement, but it didn't make any different.

Recommendation: replace both side at the same time to avoid what I have experienced.