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Air bag switch

11 May 2000
Cupertino, CA, USA
Does anyone know someone who will install a key/toggle switch for my passenger side airbag, or disconnect it entirely? I have a young child who I would like to carry in my '94 NSX, but I am nervous about the airbag hurting him in an accident.

- Ian


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You can find air bag switches for sale on www.airbagoptions.com I believe. These people manufactur a switch kit, can help with installation hints and wiring. I put one in a 2000 Corvette (which I traded for my 91 NSX!), and then removed it and installed it in my wifes QX4. Both times they told me the wiring and I did it myself. There are other, national chains which install these and will come to your or business to perform the installation. Look up air bags ina search engine and you should find more sources.