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Alamo, CA earthquake 4.0

29 May 2004
East Bay Area, California
Wow, for a 4.0 that felt pretty hard. We heard a rumbling first, (think tractor trailor doing 90 on a residential street) then bamm! The whole house shook, the fish tank and the swimming pool water was sloshing around. My wiener dog (look left) was barking and the cat was looking around a little worried.
That's why I own a one story home-they tend to do pretty well with these minor disturbances.
We are in Alamo and the quake was 2.0 miles east of us and approximately 10 miles beneath the surface. Hopefully no one suffered any injuries or damage.
Well if you're in a one story home, imagine how I feel in the top floor of a high rise at the top of a hill in San Francisco.:biggrin: I was in bed watching TV and the bed started moving around that then I noticed the TV was going back and forth... Looked it up on the internet and it stated it was a 4.2.

It didn't last too long, but it was a moving experience.:biggrin:

The young lady I am seeing called me from the East Bay. She was concerned and said she fell over because of the quake. She is fine.

I was just looking out my window and noticed that there was a lot of traffic at San Francisco and Oakland airports. Lot of planes stacked up. Don't know if it was due to the earthquake or just Friday evening traffic.

Hope you're all well.