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Alighnment shops in West Palm Area

4 July 2004
Augusta, GA
Seeking Alighnment shops in West Palm Area, Weber Alighnment was suggested by fcar board.
If Weber works out can you let me know.. I am in WPB also. A good alignment on the NSX is key. Believe it or not Vinh at the Acura Dealership does a very good job.. (along with all other work) and if you hit them on sale it is only $100 instead of the usual $200. :smile:

My only hesitation with Weber is that after all the glowing reviews from car buddies, a close friend with a Porsche 911 S4 goes in for a high speed on car wheel balance... They start spinning up the front wheels for the on car balance WITH THE REARS STILL ON THE GROUND! I am sure his center diff didn't enjoy the event. As he is telling them to stop from 50' across the garage, the Tech says 'oh it must be too much drag from the brakes'. Try the fact its a 4wd car! So with that said I am interested in going to Weber for the next alignment, but don't have blind faith in them at this point.