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All NSX Day #5

30 April 2005
Adelaide, Australia
Yep year #5 who would have thought.

Its happening again the Adelaide NSX group will gather again in the last Sunday in November 2013.

Our iconic cars will line up together again along the Senna Chicane at Adelaide's famous GP circuit at Victoria Park.

All are welcome - the invite is out again too interstate owners to join us for another day of mystery and fun.

Links to previous yrs events:




Yr four seems to be missing both in posts and pics but was the best day of them all.

8.30am 24th November at the Senna Chicane then mystery breakfast, drive and lunch.

PM me for more info or details.
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Once again a big thanks to Les for organising this event. It would seem there are a few more NSX's around Adelaide now and lets hope to see as many as possible on the day, its always a fun run and fantastic food, plus a great bunch of people! Those links to the previous events bought back some fond memories. Will see you there.
Great guys pls let us know when you're arriving and if you need us to organise accommodation and stuff we will make sure your stay will be memorable.

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Pics From Previous Yrs


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Great news that one of the Vic cars is coming across for the event, Ian and Ciska have a really neat car and we are looking forward to seeing them both again. Only 9 days to go!!
Another brilliant All NSX Day #5.

The day started a bit shaky with the weather - overcast, windy and cold the boys just chatted cars and the girls drank Champaign a great combination to keep your mind off the weather.

We achieved 11 cars on the day 10 from SA one all the way from Victoria. A big thank you to Ian and Ciska for travelling over for the week-end we need more wonderful and committed ppl like these guys we had a couple of local's couldn't be bothered travelling 20kms neither alone driving over from Melb.

There's 21 none NSX's in SA 5 of which will never turn up for various reasons leaving 16 possible cars however due to circumstances out of ppl's control 6 couldn't make it this yr.

The weather gods were on our side the day ended being perfect as you'll see from the pics. The drive from the city south to McLaren Vale was a casual affair but the scenery through the southern vales was spectacular.

Pennys Hill Winery allowed us to park our cars directly in front of our private dinning area with pre-lunch drinks waiting for us and a five course lunch to come. Over breakfast I thanked the group for attending this yrs event and mentioned that lunch will be an up lifting experience for some or all of us which involves both the guys and girls and another visual surprise for the guys (and some girls).

I had organised a Robinson R44 helicopter to take anyone who wanted a joy flight over the southern vales to the coast before lunch it was a great hit with most of us taking it for a flight. The second treat other than the magnificent lunch was a tour of a private car collection by the owner of the winery.

I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to once again spend the day out with great cars and but importantly with great company.


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it was a top day...

After a decent drive through the Adelaide hills we arrived at the winery where Les led us around the back to park on the manicured lawns just a few feet from the exclusive food and wine spread we were about to enjoy.

But wait, there's more ... !

we soon learnt the helicopter parked nearby was for us to take heli rides over the local vineyeards and nearby Maslin's beach ....

You sure know how to turn in on Les, a truly memorable day !
Hi Les, had a great day, terrific trip through the hills. Beautiful meal and surroundings including a surprise helicopter outing for all.
Thanks for the invite to your SA outing.
Ian Q.