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Alpine CD changer, velcro installation?

1 September 2000
Austin, TX
Anyone out there used velcro to insall Alpine CD changer to trunk floor panel/carpet? I am in the process of installing one and I do not want to drill thru the trunk for the brackets. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
I installed my old Alpine Changer into my X a few years ago but I drilled. I don't know if velcro would be able to hold it down. With all the bumps and cornering forces. But hey its worth a shot I guess huh?
I use velcro to hold my 6 disc in place. I don't drive it too often but I didn't have any problems during the So Cal Canyonball run a few months back.
I installed a Alpine S620 CD changer using Velcro (it took less than 5 min). No problem. A local car audio installer told me he would do the same.
I have used the same installation with velcro on the carpet on the right hand side of the boot. Works fine, I have no skipping and if I need to remove it it takes 20 seconds!

Good luck

I used Velcro to keep the unit in place in the trunk. Works fine.

I rarely put a lot of stuff in the trunk so it was not a big deal.

I guess if I traveled a lot with the car (like going to NSXPO...) I would rather have it mounted up and out the way on a bracket.


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