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Aluminum on NSX

5 September 2000
I'm in a proces of welding some parts on my NSX and I'm having problems welding on it.

The weld have a black smog around it and then after it cools down the weld becomes white. I use 100% pure argon and 5460 aluminum wire 0.35mm Weld does not stick too good. I clean the surface good with Aluminum cleaner (that blue liquid I think it is some kind of acid I don't know what chemical it is but it makes the aluminum shine in no time) I know there is two aluminum alloys on NSX 6003 and 6005 or somthing like that but they don't sell that in stores at all. The closest alloy available is 5460 witch should be OK.

Does any one have any experience in welding aluminum specially on NSX please HELP.

Thank You !
In the last issue of NSX Driver the magazine for the NSX Club of America, there was a story describing one of the technical sessions at NSXPO. Robert Volk, a Honda training instructor, described among other things, the structure of the NSX. He described that the exterior panels use three different types of 6000-series aluminum, while the structural parts use 5000-series. Then Kent Shepley, a Honda service engineer, discussed Acura’s concern regarding collision repair. He stated that Honda trained 72 body shops nation-wide to properly weld NSX’s. He also stated that to have a repair performed, call your dealer or contact Acura customer relations listed in the back of the owners manual.

I hope this helps.
NSX was badly hit and we are trying to weld the frame together. Thanks for quick respond. I will try to find a shop that have a experience on welding aluminum and see it they will be able to helpme.

You're re-welding an NSX FRAME back together???
That cant possibly be a good thing. Its my understanding that once a steel frame is bent its pretty much toast regardless of the weld job. Aluminum is even worse as far as metal memory goes from what I understand..Is it even safe to re-weld an Aluminum frame back together and drive it??
Originally posted by Edo:
Is it even safe to re-weld an Aluminum frame back together and drive it??

EDO - I think you're right and that's why they're salvage laws in some states.
Yes, after the car is salvage it needs to comply with state laws and it needs to go throught hard to pass state inspection.

Yes, we are welding frame but to do this you take the car and disambe it in to parts like in factory and then you put it back. When puting it back together we are trying to make this stronger then OEM and using line welding not spot welding. Problem is to get the weld going
Once we do then it is a cake. Following the NSX body manual all the mesurments are the same like from factory

Take Care,
Can you get a stiffness rating like the manufacturer's do? I'd be curious how it compares to the stock frame.
I cant remember but they are rated in Hertz or some such. (Torsional rigidity)