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Amazon Payments for cars

7 April 2012
Los Angeles
Hey everyone,

So I have come across a 1997 NSX-T located in Canada and the seller wants to use Amazon payments for the deal. I am not familiar with it but this is what he told me:

"I want to use Amazon Payments for closing this deal. If you are not aware of how they work you should know that they will allow you to test drive and inspect the car before me receiving any money. You will have a 7 days inspection period to decide whether you want to keep it or not before they release the funds to me."

Anyone here familiar with this payment system? Any flaws to it or is it easy and reasonable to use?

Thanks for any help,

It's a scam. It will be a fraudulent site that simply appears to be an official Amazon site.
Don't ever pay using any of these weird oddball services. Go with a safe, proven way. The only people that use these services have already figured out how to scam with them. Who would want to pay amazon / PayPal fees on a CAR when there are plenty of other options...

And anytime they say "you get to inspect the car then send it back" it's 100% scam...